Black out high?

Looking back.. do people get black out high? Is that even possible? Maybe when you mix alcohol and weed? Who even knows.

Awe, to be a freshman. Fearless, invincible, no limits. That is exactly how I lived at the age of 15. Fast forward through meeting my new best friend Miranda who had just moved to town. Fast forward through our first pack of cigarettes. The time I fought a girl defending her. Through the time we smoked weed out of a home made apple pipe. Or the time her idiot brother chased me with a spatula stoned out of his gorge.

This night was very much like the rest. We did a lot of walking and not going home on time. We’d walk from our neighborhood – down town, the wharf, to a whole other neighboring town once. Our missions. I lived on the street just one block up from her. It’s funny we used to take a shortcut through someones back yard to reach the others street. HA. I do wonder what that person thought of us. I don’t think they ever knew as we never did get caught doing it.

We started our journey drinking with some friends at a house in the neighborhood on the opposite side of our high school. The guy hosting was older maybe by a few years. His parents house had a small guest house in the back where he made his own space. It was pretty beautiful. The house was surrounded by a lot of greenery and trees. It was already getting dark by this time.

Anyways, as usual we liked to keep moving. We drank enough to have jello legs and then ditched him for another friend who hit up Miranda about smoking us out.

[side note: it feels so strange to use this terminology as an adult]

So we made our way down town giggling and falling over one another as we walked. We met up with this guy at a local office building staircase tucked behind the coffee shop we all used to hang out at. He broke out the pipe and packed a bowl. Miranda took a few hits and passed it to me.

I remember lighting it up and all of a sudden as I took a meaningful breath in, my vision slowly turned black. It grew from my peripherals inward like a leak of darkness. Everything was gone. I was gone.

Next thing I knew I was sitting in some strangers front lawn and see my friend near me on her phone. She put her hand up to her mouth in a shushing motion, hung up and said “that was your Mom! She’s pissed and looking for you.” It was past curfew.

I remember thinking ‘what in the fuck just happened?’

I asked her “why are we sitting here in this persons yard? What happened?”

She went on to tell me after we smoked that I started acting weird and not talking. That she kept trying to talk to me and I wouldn’t answer. That I just kept walking but that she would be trying to tell me which way to go so we didn’t get picked up by patrol. She told me every time she would see a car she would duck into the bushes but I just kept going and she kept trying to yell at me to get down. I was completely unresponsive.

It roughly takes about 10-15 minutes to get from that down town spot to the streets in our neighborhood. (when I’m functioning normally) I must have been “out” for that long at least!

What a strange feeling. To loose yourself and not remember a thing. I have heard people talk about getting black out drunk before and how they would dance on tables or throw themselves at random men. But this? This, as Miranda described, it was like I was sleep walking or a zombie.

Now there’s a good movie! Patient zero got drunk and then smoked some wicked weed and bam, ZOMBIES!



4 thoughts on “Black out high?

  1. Oh, Sarah. It is possible to black out. I blacked out once. It was when I tried edibles for the first time. My ex boyfriend and I had some kind of experiment with special brownies. We just followed the recipe on google, I think it’s from Stoners Cookbook. We’ve been smoking herbs, but this is our (or my? I can’t speak for the guy, but its his first time to bake, it’s my first to try) first time to try edibles. So the special brownies are baked. My ex-boyfriend is a natural cook, so the brownies turned out really good, there is just this earthy after taste, but it is really good. We’ve been smoking all morning, this is the phase of my life when I don’t mind wasting time, so probably, munchies kicked in. I ate A LOT of brownies. I ate them, the munchies way. Half an hour had gone by, nothing is happening, so we toked some more, passing the bowl with our foreign friend, Aziz, from Syria. (This guy doesn’t know when to stop smoking, he’s the one passing joint after joint, bowl after bowl), so we ran out of munchies, we finished the whole tray just the three of us. I also ran out of cigarettes, so I slipped out and walked to the nearby store. And just when I was walking a few blocks away, man it kicked in. I was walking in space. I know I am walking but it felt like I am not moving at all, I can’t feel my legs, like I am moon walking. I am walking but my vision is moving backwards. I can’t explain. Everything is in soft focus, slow-mo. I tried to go back, his room is on the second floor, so I have to use the stairs. I am really disoriented, I felt like throwing up. When I reached his place, they passed out – or blacked out? I don’t know. I tried to go to the bathroom, I felt really sick, I want to throw- up, that’s when I blacked out. So I woke up, and found myself inside the bathroom. The guys are still dozing off. . Sorry, this turned out.. quite long. I just liked telling the tale. It was 3 years ago, I almost forgot about it.


    1. Haha no worries! I love when you can read something and it takes you back to somewhere you have seen before. That’s an insane tale! Would have scared the hell outta me. Glad you were ok after all!


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