No, this isn’t a review of the new Ghostbusters movie.

Warning: If you do not want a glimpse in the mind of a newly found feminist ranting for a few, best click away now.

So I rented the new Ghostbusters the other night. I have to say this movie was so freakishly good! I wasn’t expecting it to be so funny and so captivating based off my vibes after watching the trailer but it truly was a great movie.

But, remember, this is not a review of the movie. This is me saying what the hell is wrong with all these damn people crying like little babies about this movie?!

I discussed this with my husband after the movie while our son sat watching all the behind the scenes. Side note: There is a recipe for how to make your very own SLIME! (geekin moment)

What was wrong with their performance? Was it the killer special effects people didn’t like? Was it because they had awesome cameos from the original cast?

The only conclusion we could come up with is that the main cast is women.

Oh NO! Not women! They ruined this movie!

For fucks sake people. Your mom is a woman, your sister is a woman, your daughter, your aunt, your son’s wife, YOUR wife… what is the big deal?

Is it weird to say that Ghostbusters helped this 26 year old realize the amount of inequality, hate, and disrespect people have towards women?

It made me so furious to know that between my husband and I, we really couldn’t come up with any other reason as to why people are hating so much on this movie!

The amazing cast of women were hilarious! They truly did an amazing job in their roles. The behind the scenes was fascinating and really showed me what went into making such a spectacular piece of art in the special effects aspect. Kudos behind the scenes people! Not to mention Chris Hemsworth’s performance as a downright idiot receptionist was golden.

On top of my frustration with the hate this movie has received, I hear this is what started the out cry of trolls towards Leslie Jones. Let me just say Leslie is so hilarious. Have you seen her on SNL?! She interviewed in the behind the scenes as wanting to portray her character Patty as a sort of audience member feel, saying everything you’d be thinking as you watch the scenes unfold. Like when she straight up walks away from that creepy mannequin filled room. Heck yes, I wouldn’t go in there either!

“OK, I don’t know if it was a race thing or a lady thing, but I’m mad as hell.”
– Leslie Jones as Patty Tolan

As am I Leslie!

So let’s all just take a moment to congratulate all the women out there making huge strides in our community for equality. Thank you Leslie, Kate, Kristen, and Melissa for being a role model for young women aspiring to be a comedian, movie star, to have a voice, or just a straight up bad ass. And thank you to the makers of the new Ghostbusters, with out the absurd hate and animosity this movie has received, it might have taken me longer to truly say

I am a feminist!


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