I Hate People.

Do you ever sit there and totally dissect people? With every word spit out of their mouths is more evidence of your already 2 second analysis of them? Who they are, what they are really like.

I’ve done this for as long as my cat sized brain can remember. I’m as you would call a people reader. My grandmother calls it clairvoyance. I sometimes call it I have too much time to bitch and moan about people.

I can sit here for hours dwelling on why this bitch is such a fucking insane human. Or how in the hell she could continue to support and enable such a sick and twisted lost big fucking baby.

The fact of it is. I said goodbye to living with this kind of fucked up stress when I said fuck off to my abusive ex. Why on earth do I have to continue to be torchered by people’s incompetence? Why? That’s really all I can ask anymore.. Why?

Why are people so fucked up? Why am I still in this black hole of a house? Why do people in this town feel the need to not fucking acknowledge me when I just fucking said excuse me?!

My conclusion at this very hostile time in my head is this:

Everyone is a fucking idiot with narcissistic personality disorder.


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