Hello There

My name is Sarah.

I am a mother of 1 brilliant son and wife to my amazing supportive husband.

I have lived through some interesting experiences and that is why I decided to start this blog. To be able to share what I have been through in hopes of maybe changing someone else’s life.

I was 2 days old when I went home with my Mother.

I was part of a pre-arranged open adoption. The name Epiphany is what my birth mother called me. I went home to an eager and loving mother. For many years she dreamed about having a child. After several procedures and miscarriages she arranged to adopt. I was her gift as she ended up being mine.

Epiphany holds great meaning to me, or it has throughout my life. I felt like it was the perfect title for my story. My story is a roller coaster of epiphanies and how I got through them which I plan to share with you here.

I am also an artist in the medium of ink and paper and have an etsy shop with prints available if you are interested.

Also in my spare time I enjoy my makeup artistry over at my instagram page.

I would like to at some point write a book about my life. This is my first step in that process and journey and I thank you for coming along!